HWPP: How Would Platon Print?

Platon is one of the most prolific and talented celebrity photographers working today.

UPDATED (2017-04-11): There is also a full feature on Netflix examining Platon’s work, and it’s quite insightful. It’s worth a look.

Platon, one of the great portrait photographers of the last 30 years, makes beautiful images of a wide variety of dignitaries, celebrities, and other notable individuals. His prints are gigantic and overwhelming, and as a fellow black-and-white photographer, I find them both meticulously crafted and mesmerizing.

I have showed two short videos to my students before to enlighten them on his process and printing, hoping to inspire them to pursue higher standards for their personal work. The first video is from the New Yorker, with Platon giving us some insights into his life and career:

The second is from Hahnemühle, with Platon discussing how he uses a tradition and digital workflow to create his final prints.

I hope you’ll find them enlightening, even though they’re short. I certainly do.

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