Improving Your Images: Learn with Me in Santa Fe this Summer!

Boy in Inflatable House, BartlettIf you read this blog regularly, you’ve probably improved your ability to make powerful inkjet prints. But have you ever wondered how to move beyond the superficial to the expressive in your actual photography? This is your opportunity to discover how to enhance the poetic voice in your images, with the incomparable landscape and culture of Northern New Mexico as the stage.

Join me to expand your capacity to see, express, and create. During this five-day workshop, you use the people, places, architecture, objects, and textures of the photogenic Southwest as your muses, connecting them to your own visual sensibilities to make contemplative and expressive black-and-white images!

Our week together begins with examining powerful visual and literary works of the masters; we learn to see anew by looking at what others have seen and written. Using myriad local and in-the-field assignments, group image reviews, and individual portfolio sessions, you’ll gain valuable experience in navigating the complete contemplative and poetic photographic process, resulting in greater skills for converting the images you envision in your mind’s eye into breathtaking photographs.

My goal for you? To kindle a fire for infusing images with emotion and power—regardless of location—and have a blast doing it. The most rewarding result of this workshop is that no matter where life’s journeys may take you, from your own backyard to faraway lands, you know how to see fully, think metaphorically, and photograph unconventionally.

I only have a few slots left in this workshop, which runs June 26–July 1. Click the link to learn more!


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