Review: Epson Legacy Baryta

It’s a good paper, but demanding.

My fellow photographer and very close friend George Nobechi's image of a Cuban taxicab and young athlete, printed on Hahnemühle's FineArt Baryta paper.

A Closer Look, By Request: Hahnemühle’s FineArt Bartya

Swapping color and detail for excessive glare.

Almost Gone: Your Chance to Learn the Poetic Image with Me in Santa Fe!

Yep, this is your last chance for the summer of…

Storing Paper and Prints Is a Major Issue for Photographers.

Caring for Your Paper and Prints: A New Field&Studio Series

The first in a series examining the care and feeding of photographs.

One of my test grid prints for this series.

Epson’s Advanced Black and White Printing Mode: Settings to Adams’ Zones, Part III

In the first two posts for this series, I showed…